Think Small First: SIEF webinar series on the entrepreneurial small business


Gibb webinar series 2021Below is the link to the video of the first webinar in Series 2 on the topic of ‘hunkering down or opening up new horizons for SMEs post-Covid’.

Our excellent panel considered the challenges for small businesses during the pandemic and beyond, with discussion on:


  • the resilience of small business entrepreneurs to cope with the challenges of lockdown;
  • the ingredients needed for survival and recovery post-Covid; and

Webinar 2: Business start-up in corona times and beyond
The pandemic offers an opportunity for a new spirit of entrepreneurialism and how the nature of business start-up may change as a result. How will digitalisation, connectivity and personal health security affect entrepreneurial opportunities? Will new ventures focus on community, meaning and wellbeing as a result of the virus, or on the virtual economy? Will the future enable more new ventures to start up at scale and with ambition?

Panel members include:

  • Danson Muchemi, Chief Executive Officer, JamboPay, Kenya
  • Nyree Ambarchian, Co-founder, Jack & Grace, UK
  • ƒƒJane Otima, Regional Director, Market Systems and Entrepreneurship, Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, Kenya
  • Tom Cooney, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Technological University Dublin and Academic Director of the Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship, Ireland
  • Andrew Atherton, Professor of Enterprise, Global Director of Transnational Education for Navitas, UK/Australia

Date: 18th June 2021
Time: 2.00pm to 3.30pm UK time

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See the attached short briefing note on the themes for Series 2 which focuses on the entrepreneurial small business.

We look forward to seeing you at our next webinar.