1. Stefan Stefanek, Croatia, 5th class

    5. generacija

    To acquire multidisciplinary insight on entrepreneurial life and possibility to investigate related topics is the most valuable feature of the program. Different experiences of professors awoke my interest in further research activities.

  2. Darko Fruk, Croatia, 6th class

    6. generacija

    For 15 years I was an employee in a state company with very good income, especially when I was working in big oil company with extra good pay. But when the opportunity came, I changed occupation, completed the necessary education and went into private business and entrepreneurship.  After few years, I did not have a wish to go back to the previous job, which maybe had a safety net, but without a chance to develop personal ambitions. Because of all of these things, I enrolled in the doctoral study focused on entrepreneurship and innovations because it goes well with my personal ambitions.

    I think that the lessons I have been through so far were very useful to me and helped me to prepare for research challenges.

  3. Marta Patricia Aparicio, Spain, 7th class

    7. generacija

    I enrolled in the doctoral study ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS as a further step in my practitioner career within the early stage investment arena. I was aware of the need to acquire research skills and learn entrepreneurship from theoretical perspectives as well.

    What I like the most as a student in this doctoral program is that it is bringing me to a higher level of knowledge. Moreover, the program provides tools not only for research, but also for my life. I am now immersed in a professional transformation towards excellence, rigor and relevance. I am proud to experience how this study is opening my mind towards new perspectives and a variety of cognitive tools.

  4. Borna Buljan, Croatia, 7th class

    7. generacija

    I decided to enrol in the doctoral study Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness because I was attracted by interdisciplinarity of the programme, along with emphasized teamwork that has been promoted within the programme. I really enjoy interactive character of our lectures. Although I would prefer us to meet in person, prevailing conditions (COVID-19, as well as international composition of students) force us to use online tools – a good example of successful adaptation to new conditions. Every time we meet, I’m “swamped” with the quantity and quality of ideas brought to the table, and after every course I feel a bit more enthusiastic and capable of doing positive changes in my surrounding.

  5. Mia Hocenski, Croatia, 4th class

    4. generacija

    The doctoral study ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS embraces diversity and challenges one’s worldviews resulting in the expansion of one’s horizons. Exploring one’s initial views becomes merely the foundation as enlightened by the study’s divergent scope of educational perspectives, one’s ideas are reapproached, reshaped, and elevated.

    This interdisciplinary doctoral study was my preference because staying in merely one lane in the 21st century results in missing out on the abundance of accessible yet unexplored information. The study provides multidisciplinary approaches to contemporary issues combining entrepreneurship with innovation, and a chance to soak the knowledge and learn from many renowned experienced international educators.

  6. Goran Becker, Croatia, 4th class

    4. generacija

    Preparing and executing Innovative entrepreneurial projects for our clients are the main activities of our consulting business. These projects are mainly financed by public money (EU sources) and are largely in the domain of research & development or in the phase of commercialization of (entrepreneurial) innovation. Therefore, the aim of enrolling to the doctoral study ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS was to gain insights in the theoretical framework of entrepreneurship and contribute to the scientific and policy discussion about the ecosystem in which entrepreneurial and innovative activities are performed.

    The most exciting and at the same time demanding job is work on my thesis, which would not be possible without support of the faculty staff and their ability to clarify even complicated topics in a simple way. In this regard, I am especially grateful to Professor Singer for her guidance, comments, and direction while I am still working on the thesis.

  7. Predrag Dotlic, Croatia, 6th class

    6. generacija

    ICES haiku 🙂

    I like to learn and

    Confirm why … Explore my own

    Sense of the future…

  8. Edward Veckie, Canada, 3rd class

    3. generacija

    I am in business of running a successful engineering manufacturing company. In order to continue to be successful I need to have an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. Studying entrepreneurship and innovativeness has developed my mindset to look at things differently than my competition would. It allowed me to have a more sustainable understanding of what it takes to optimize a business in terms of micro concepts such as financial risk mitigation and analysis, as well as macro concepts, such as strategy.

  9. Kornelija Mlinarevic, 1st class

    1. generacija

    Almost every day something reminds me that the learning process never stops. That is why formal continuation of education through the doctoral study was a natural choice. The doctoral program “Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness” broadened my perspectives and encouraged me to deal with all the requirements of multidisciplinary work in a more open manner, often feeling like a pioneer.

  10. Gordana Kurtović, Croatia, 3rd class

    3. generacija

    My main reason for enrolling was the need to learn and connect with people with whom I share the same values including involvement in scientific research with the aim of contributing to the creation of a better business environment and the world around us. The best part of the study is an interdisciplinary approach in perceiving problems and finding optimal solutions for them. Insisting on asking the right questions and applying the right research methods are of great importance to me for acquiring relevant knowledge. I consider the constant re-examination of valid theories and methods to be the most significant outcome of this study.

  11. Tamara Drezner, Croatia, 7th class

    7. generacija

    I enrolled into the doctoral study ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS because I wanted to continue my research about the future of education in the environment that would encourage me to grow, both professionally and personally, and to think forward in creative ways. I enjoy participating in open dialogues with my professors and classmates, learning, hearing other perspectives on challenging problems and expressing my thoughts. This program has already given me courage to set goals for my future in the academic world and begin research that will make a difference.

  12. Lidija Gruber, Croatia, 5th class

    5. generacija

    The intrinsic need for personal and (hopefully) global development through learning and research has led me to the doctoral study ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS. Well-structured study program and the experienced academic team made the study process like coming home by creating a welcoming, supportive, guiding and motivating environment.

  13. Marijana Baršić Barun, 7th class

    7. generacija

    I needed new challenges in my life so I think that doctoral study Entrepreneurship and Innovations is a really good choice (together with a newborn baby). The lectures are interesting and professors are very helpful and are encouraging us to read and research a lot! Since I have been  dealing with SME and entrepreneurship for the last fifteen years(after twelve years in the banking business), I wanted to learn something new regarding the topics and to challenge myself.

  14. Vlad Veckie,Canada, 4th class

    4. generacija

    My motive to enroll at my age (just celebrated my 71st birthday) in the doctoral study ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS is my wish to write the doctoral thesis with the topic “Economic Beneficence of the Third Age Generation” and  send a written message to anyone who wants to know more about significance of the well-being and contribution of the third age generation to economic development through working with younger generations.

    The doctoral study helps me (with guidance through the maze of literature and implementing different methodologies of research) to present my topic well-grounded in theoretical frameworks. Later, after defending my doctoral dissertation, I desire to publish a book.