UNESCO conference Hangzhou October 2023


Slavica Singer, Professor Emerita participated in the 9th UNESCO-APEID meeting on entrepreneurship education “Innovation -Driven Development and Entrepreneurial Talents Cultivation: International Experience and Future Strategies”. The conference is organised by College of Education Zhejiang University, UNESCO Chair in Entrepreneurial Education at Zhejiang University, UNESCO Entrepreneurship Education Network National Chapter in China and UNESCO Research Center at Zhejiang University. AI was used for simultaneous translation from Chinese to English and English to Chinese.
Professor Singer was one of six keynote speakers presenting our experience in developing entrepreneurship education in Croatia. The title of the presentation was “From Scratch to Research-Based Entrepreneurship Education”. Using the new framework of UN SDGs 2050, Professor Singer challenged dominated traditional concept of university, by asking for accountability of the university in providing relevant knowledge and offering new social contract between the students and the university.
At the event, activation of the link for the online book “Comparative Entrepreneurship Education” published by Springer took place, where Professor Singer wrote a chapter titled “Entrepreneurship Education in Croatia”. The book can be accessed HERE.