The Thunderbird Sustainable Innovation Summit


The Thunderbird Sustainable Innovation Summit je međunarodno studentsko natjecanje na kojem ove godine mogu sudjelovati dva tima studenata PSP-a. U nastavku se nalaze detaljne informacije o načinu prijave kao i samom natjecanj The Thunderbird Sustainable Innovation Summit is a great way for students to gain real-world experiences and hone their creativity and business skills that is essential in today’s global competitive environment. It includes a Challenge, Workshops, Keynotes and Panel Discussions, and a Career Fair.The Challenge will comprise of our sponsorship partners posing their most pressing business issues as questions for teams of 4-6 students during the online round. The teams will have 10 days (Feb 12-20) to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to the question. The Top 10 teams from the online round will be invited to Thunderbird in March 21-24 at the Final Round. The Top 10 teams a chance to win $20,000 and the title of “Global Champions of Sustainable Innovation” and compete for job and internship opportunities with our sponsorship partners.

  1. The registration fee during Early Registrations is $100 per team (UNTIL JAN 25)
  2. During final registration period, the fee will be $150 per team (From Jan 26 – Feb 11)
  3. Attached is a document which explains the steps for competing