Slavica Singer – a recommendation: The Social Dilemma (on Netflix)


The_Social_DilemmaAs doctoral students whose primary obligation is a search for truth, the documentary film The Social Dilemma opens very crucial questions about the data and critical questioning.

In the time of informational tsunami provided by the social media, issues of differentiating between true and fake news, distrust in data, how to come to shared views on data, how to reconcile different definitions of any phenomenon backed with different set of data in order to satisfy expectations of different target groups… are at the core of the discussion on the future of democracy.

The Social Dilemma is a documentary film based on contributions of experts who were major players in developing algorithms and business models of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…it takes 1,5 hour to watch, and it makes watchers to think about the future. Can we contribute something in this discussion?

Slavica Singer