NOVO iz svijeta poduzetništva na PSP-u – Effectual Entrepreneurship


Istraživanje poduzetništva relativno je mlada disciplina koja je do nedavno bila usmjerena gotovo isključivo na prepoznavanje i otkrivanje prilika. Saras Sarasvathy, profesorica poduzetništva sa Darden Garduate School of Business, University of Virginia, SAD kroz svoj znanstveno istraživački rad uvela je novi način gledanja na poduzetništvo kao na aktivnost koja ne samo da otkriva već i “stvara” nove prilike, poduzeća, tržišta i institucije.
Imamo jedinstvenu priliku upoznati Saras Sarasvathy, svjetski priznatog stručnjaka iz područja Effectual Entrepreneurship sudjelovanjem na doktorskoj radionici (DREAM)  Doctoral Retreat on Entrepreneurship As „Making“ koja će se održati 31.05. – 04.06.2010. na Ekonomskom fakultetu u Osijeku, u trajanju od 30 sati.

Radionica je namijenjena:

– onima koji su zainteresirani za doktorat iz područja poduzetništva

– članovima akademske zajednice (profesorima, asistentima, poslijediplomskim studentima)

– zainteresiranima za nova saznanja iz područja poduzetništva

Uz Saras Sarasvathy u radionici sudjeluju profesori Stuart Read, IMD, Švicarska i Robert Wiltbank, Williamette University, Oregon, SAD. Za dodatne informacije i sudjelovanje na doktorskoj radionici prijavite se na e-mail . Prijave se primaju do 23.04.2010., a broj polaznika je ograničen na 20.
Background for DREAM

Entrepreneurship research is a relatively young discipline that has until recently been focused on the recognition and discovery of opportunities. As it grows up and engages in a more serious conversation with the history of ideas, an additional exciting agenda might consist in researching entrepreneurship not only as finding but also as ‘making’ new opportunities, firms, markets and institutions. Intellectual inspiration for this agenda comes from works such as Herbert Simon’s Sciences of the Artificial, Nelson Goodman’s Ways of Worldmaking, and James Buchanan and Victor Vanberg’s Market as a Creative Process.


The DREAM Agenda

Through DREAM we will think through and map the possibilities for an agenda for entrepreneurship research that relaxes the assumption that most key variables in our models are exogenous to the decision process; that outcomes are largely determined through pre-existing stable relationships between those variables; and that we are caught in a strict dichotomous choice between micro and macro levels of analysis.

Session  Datum   Teme/Čitanja
 1  Ponedjeljak Svibanj 31 Opening remarks by Saras Sarasvathy: Introduction to a “made” view of entrepreneurship – antecendents and prospects
Open conversation on selected readings from Made as well as Found
 2  Ponedjeljak Svibanj 31 Instructor:  Saras Sarasvathy
Big ideas in economics:
Coase, R. H. 1937. The nature of the firm. Economica. 4(16): 386-405:
Olson, M., Jr. 1996. Big Bills Left on the Sidewalk: Why Some Nations Are Rich, and Others Poor. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 10(2): 3-24.
Williamson, O. E. 2000. The New Institutional Economics: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead. Journal of Economic Literature, 38(3): 595-613.
Boudreaux, D. J. and Holcombe, R. G. 1989. The Coasian and Knightian Theories of the Firm. Managerial and Decision Economics, 10: 147-154.
  Lipanj 1
Instructor:  Saras Sarasvathy
Economic ideas of direct importance to entrepreneurship:
Schumpeter, J. 1976. The Process of Creative Destruction, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy: 81-86. New York: Allen & Unwin.
Hayek, F. A. 1977. Creative Powers of a Free Civilization. In F. Morley (Ed.), Essays on Individuality: 284-289: Liberty Press.
Buchanan, J. M. and Vanberg, V. J. 1991. The Market as a Creative Process. Economics and Philosophy, 7: 167-186.
Kirzner, I. 1997. Entrepreneurial Discovery and the Competitive Market Process: An Austrian Approach, Journal of Economic Literature. 35: 60-85
 4  Utorak
Lipanj 1
Effectuation:  Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise – by Saras Sarasvathy
 5  Srijeda
Lipanj 2
Students begin work on crafting research questions – one-on-one meetings with Saras Sarasvathy, Stuart Read and Robert Wiltbank
 6  Srijeda
Lipanj 2
Stuart Read, Robert Wiltbank and Saras Sarasvathy
Designing Effective Research Projects in Entrepreneurship
Managing the journal publication process
 7  Četvrtak
Lipanj 3
Stuart Read, Professor of Marketing, IMD, Switzerland

Effectuation and Marketing: Researching effectual entrepreneurship – empirical approaches
Read, S., Dew, N., Sarasvathy, S. D. and Wiltbank, R. 2009.  Marketing under uncertainty: The logic of an effectual approach. Journal of Marketing, 73: 1-18

Stuart Read, Michael Song, Willem Smit.  2009. A meta-analytic review of effectuation and venture performance, Journal of Business Venturing, Volume 24 (6): 573-587

 8 Četvrtak
Lipanj 3
 Robert Wiltbank, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Willamette University, Oregon, USA.

Effectuation and Private Equity
Wiltbank, R., Read, S., Dew, N., and Sarasvathy, S. D. 2009. Prediction and control under uncertainty: Outcomes in angel investing, Journal of Business Venturing, 24(2): 116-133

 Lipanj 4
Saras Sarasvathy

Students present research proposals and obtain feedback – which they will incorporate into their final papers.  The final papers can be due end of August 2010  – Saras Sarasvathy will provide feedback electronically.

Afternoon: Summing up the research agenda perspectives from [DREAM]