Microeconomics of Competitiveness at the Doctoral Programme Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness


Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) was the topic of discussion with our doctoral students on 27-28 September. The course was created in 2002 by Professor Michael Porter and taught by professors Slavica Singer and Sanja Pfeifer at the Doctoral Programme. Being a member of MOC Affiliate Network of more than 100 educational institutions around the world (attached to the Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness at the Harvard Business School) that teach the MOC curriculum, we enjoyed discussing the core concepts of competitiveness and creating shared values, using diamond model as analytical approach.

It was a pleasure to have an intriguing discussion among students who were in the classroom (Eleni and Darko) or on-line: Ana (just 40 km away, in Vinkovci), Danijela (in Abu Dhabi), Charles, Vlado and Edi in Canada.

Here are some photos (Charles was not with us on Saturday 28 September, when photos were made – next time we will feature you with two photos!) from the part of course, when Professor Pfeifer led the discussion on California Wine Cluster case.