University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg 

November 19, 2014

Have you recently finished your PhD Thesis in entrepreneurship and the small business field and are now wondering what’s coming next? Do you want to learn more about publishing your research? Do you need advice on your latest research proposal or an article you are working on? Do you want to set up (international) research collaborations, and are looking for collaborators? Do you want to give a fillip to your career opting for the PDWW AWARD? Join us at the next RENT post-doctoral writing workshop!

The European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB) is offering a workshop for EARLY CAREER RESEARCHERS, with preference given to those who have finished their PhD within the past 5 years. This activity has two parts: a face-to-face event that takes place a day before the RENT conference and an on-line follow up. The event at the RENT conference starts with a roundtable discussion on the challenges in getting published, in building up your own research portfolio and in combining teaching and research. After that, you will break out in small groups and get your paper discussed by senior researchers and peers in the group. You also will meet other early career researchers with similar interests and can find out about possibilities for research collaborations. The on-line follow-up has some additional rounds of review (with peers and seniors) aimed at helping you to develop a working paper into a submission ready for referred, high quality journals. The event has a non-archival policy, in order to avoid copyrights restrictions or conflict with other archival publication venues.

ECSB will be granting the POST-DOCTORAL WRITING WORKSHOP AWARD (2nd edition) with the aim of promoting and rewarding high-quality research from early career researchers. The award winning paper will receive a certificate and a 400 euros award sponsored by International Small Business Journal (ISBJ)

The number of participants is limited to 12 researchers so we encourage early submission. Those attending will receive a grant of 150 euros fee reduction in the RENT conference. No fee is charged for participation in this workshop. However, participation in the RENT Conference is compulsory. The fee for the RENT also includes one year’s membership to the ECSB.For more information regarding the RENT conference see

The application should include a one-page CV, the abstract of the paper and a cover letter (describing the motivation to attend, a short description of the research interests as well as specific issues about research or particular challenges faced earlier in your career and that would like to discuss). You will be notified of acceptance within two weeks after submission closes and you will be given an acceptance letter of inclusion of your paper in the PDWW within the RENT Conference. The submission of the final paper is due for October 1st.Researchers interested in participating should apply to Cristina Díaz ( no later than July 1st, 2014.

We would encourage you to pass on this message on to anyone else who you know might like to apply.