1. Presentation of research problem by doctoral student Tamara Drezner


    Dear colleagues,

    Tamara Drezner, our doctoral student will present the research problem which she is interested to work on for her doctoral thesis:

    Topic: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Education in Croatia » Pročitajte više…

  2. SFF Academia & Research monthly Check-in


    Professor Slavica Singer will present the topic New Metrics for Systemic Innovation, as part of our involvement In the consortium of the project Start for Future, financed through European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), on February 29th 2024, at 10.00 am CET:
    You are invited to participate – https://hm-edu.zoom.us/j/68962902840?pwd=dWNjMUp1SU13eHZkdlhmcE56Und6Zz09 » Pročitajte više…

  3. Produžen rok za prijave za upise u 11. generaciju međusveučilišnog doktorskog studija “PODUZETNIŠTVO I INOVATIVNOST


    Produžen je rok za prijave za upise u 11. generaciju međusveučilišnog doktorskog studija “PODUZETNIŠTVO I INOVATIVNOST” u akademskoj godini 2023./2024. za stjecanje akademskog stupnja doktora znanosti iz područja društvenih znanosti (dr. sc. socio.) na 31.3.2024. godine.

    Sve informacije o natječaju možete vidjeti na sljedećem linku

  4. 🌟 A Golden Milestone for Croatia at GEM’s 25th Anniversary 🌟


    Last night’s celebration at the GEM 25th anniversary dinner was a moment of profound pride for Croatia. We were honored with a gold award for our unwavering 22 years of continuous participation in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor research. It was my utmost honor to accept this award on behalf of our dedicated GEM Croatia team. » Pročitajte više…

  5. 🎉 Celebrating 25 Years of GEM: Insights from Casablanca 🎉


    This year Professor Slavica Singer, GEM Croatia team leader and Nataša Šarlija, GEM Croatia team member attended the GEM 2023/2024 annual conference in Casablanca, Morocco, marking a significant milestone: the 25th anniversary of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s journey. The “25 Years and Growing” report is a testament to GEM’s dedication to enhancing entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide. » Pročitajte više…