1. Making Sense of the Entrepreneurial University


    Turku University – PhD defense event on Wednesday 22 June 2022 at 11.15 Croatian time (12.15 Finnish time):

    Kaisu Paasio will defend her thesis  ”Making Sense of the Entrepreneurial University”

    It’s a public defense and will be streamed – https://utu.zoom.us/s/63461421866 – The opponent will be prof Luke Pittaway from Ohio University.


    Turku University – Turku School of Economics is a partnering institution in running our doctoral program ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS, and this is a great opportunity to see Kaisu’s approach to a topic which is also our research interest.

  2. Elective course Statistical Research Methods


    Additional course Statistical Research Methods (7 ECTS) – Professor Josipa Mijoč, will be held

    July 8, 2022:  15.00 – 19.00 CET

    July 9, 2022:  9.00– 13.00 CET

    Please, respond if you are interested to enroll this course, by return message to Katica Krizanovic  kkrizanovic@ices.hr BEFORE FRIDAY 24 June 2022

    Statistical Research Method – short description

    Course Objective.
    To present statistical methodology appropriate for different types of research projects in quantitative research. To explain the role of variables in defining research problems, objectives and hypotheses of the dissertation.

    Main topics.
    Presentation of the elements of a scientific research plan. Connecting the research phenomenon (concept) with the knowledge needed to formulate research hypotheses, collect quantitative data, perform statistical analysis, draw conclusions about the hypotheses, and discuss the limitations of the research.
    Explain the mandatory parts of the methodological framework of quantitative research.
    Types of samples for quantitative research and ways to determine them will be explained. To present an example of a possible research plan with the proposal of statistical tools for data analysis.

    Final assignment.
    Preparation of a project assignment in which the elements of the research process are written on a research problem of the doctoral student’s choice.

  3. Stefan Stefanek, Croatia, 5th class


    To acquire multidisciplinary insight on entrepreneurial life and possibility to investigate related topics is the most valuable feature of the program. Different experiences of professors awoke my interest in further research activities.

  4. Darko Fruk, Croatia, 6th class


    For 15 years I was an employee in a state company with very good income, especially when I was working in big oil company with extra good pay. But when the opportunity came, I changed occupation, completed the necessary education and went into private business and entrepreneurship.  After few years, I did not have a wish to go back to the previous job, which maybe had a safety net, but without a chance to develop personal ambitions. Because of all of these things, I enrolled in the doctoral study focused on entrepreneurship and innovations because it goes well with my personal ambitions.

    I think that the lessons I have been through so far were very useful to me and helped me to prepare for research challenges.

  5. Marta Patricia Aparicio, Spain, 7th class


    I enrolled in the doctoral study ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIVENESS as a further step in my practitioner career within the early stage investment arena. I was aware of the need to acquire research skills and learn entrepreneurship from theoretical perspectives as well.

    What I like the most as a student in this doctoral program is that it is bringing me to a higher level of knowledge. Moreover, the program provides tools not only for research, but also for my life. I am now immersed in a professional transformation towards excellence, rigor and relevance. I am proud to experience how this study is opening my mind towards new perspectives and a variety of cognitive tools.