Why Giraffes?

Why Giraffe? Throughout the history the giraffe fascinated people. There are many cave drawings in Africa that display those tall animals but they have been also drawing attention all around the world. Not long ago Zoo in Osijek was a proud host of giraffes and they were its main attraction. Their height and long neck that allow them to see much further than any other animal and their ability to live their lives sleeping on their feet for only a short time of day with one eye open, alert, is certainly something that thrills everybody.

Considering those characteristics, we decided to use the Giraffe as our school mascot. With our graduate program that includes up to date approach based on needs and wishes of our students and cooperation with a large number of experts in the field of entrepreneurship, combining theory and practice, we want to recruit bold and enterprising young people who are willing to continue their education. We train them to be involved in development of entrepreneurial economy and personal entrepreneurial activities that are going to help them reach the highest branches and harvest fruits that are not accessible to everyone in business world.

Our main goal is to create young people who will be aware of the importance of continued education and development of personal knowledge and skills. We urge them to have one eye open so they can notice potential opportunities and threats in their personal and business environment and turn them to their own advantage.

We expect from our students to become symbolic “giraffes” in our business environment. In that way they will see much further then the rest, which will help them define their own personal and entrepreneurial goals and find the most suitable way to accomplish them.