Undergraduate Study

General information

Name of the study: Undergraduate Study in ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Proponent of the study:  J. J. Strossmayer University in Osijek

Holder of the study: Faculty of Economics in Osijek

Duration of the study: 3 years (undergraduate)

Conditions for enrolment to the study: completed secondary school, 12-year education

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Presentation of the study
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Undergraduate Study: by completing Undergraduate Study in ENTREPRENEURSHIP student acquires competences for starting a business venture, i.e. for self-employment (understanding the process of connecting ideas and opportunities to a business venture, experience through participation in the selection for the best business plan and managing own student company within the practical part of classes)

Academic title: Baccalareus, baccalaurea in economics, upon completion of the undergraduate study

Reasons for starting the study

There are three fundamental reasons for strategic commitment to entrepreneurship:

  • Unsatisfied needs for entrepreneurial education (demand)
  • Unsatisfactory supply
  • “Catching up” with the trends in the developed world

High unemployment in Croatia and  above average unemployment in eastern Croatia obviously require a change in the training of young people: the capacity of youth for self-employment has to be increased, and then the capacity of the employed for managing company growth based on knowledge and innovations. The process of restructuring of big public companies and the restructuring of military forces will intensify the problem of training for self-employment and managing small and medium-sized companies with growth potential. At the same time, eastern Croatia is marked by the lowest level of entrepreneurial activity measured by the TEA index: on 1 newly founded company per 100 adults (18-64 years of age) in eastern Croatia, there are 4.3 such companies in Zagreb and 3.1 in Istria.

There are no undergraduate studies or graduate studies in entrepreneurship in Croatia. Only at the J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek within the Faculty of Economics in Osijek there is a program for obtaining the Master of Science in entrepreneurship degree.

Undergraduate and graduate studies in entrepreneurship will be conducted by a group of teachers at the J.J. Strossmayer University in Osijek: at the undergraduate study primarily teachers from the Faculty of Economics in Osijek will participate, while at the graduate study, beside teachers from the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, teachers from other university units will also participate, such as Faculty of Law, Faculty of Food Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and the Department for Mathematics. Group of teachers from the Faculty of Economics in Osijek has five years of experience in conducting master studies in entrepreneurship, and individual teachers have many years of experience in leading research projects and master’s and doctoral theses in the field of entrepreneurship.

Foreign professors will also be included in carrying out the Graduate Study in ENTREPRENEURSHIP, such as Allan Gibb, professor emeritus, Durham University, UK; David Pistrui, DePaul University, USA; Sanda Erdelez, University of Missouri, USA, who were  previously involved in teaching at the Master’s Study in ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

At the undergraduate study there is a high level of mobility of students towards other study orientations at faculties of economics in Croatia.

At the graduate study, with relation to distinctiveness of the study, mobility of students is very low.