SENIIR finance by Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office

The SENIIR project was initiated to improve the research standards in industry research reports and to built a network of specialised research institutions which are exchanging knowledge and know-how and work on the understanding of regional similarities and differences and find fields of collaboration in scientific research.

The research in particular industries has already been developed in Slovenia as joint project between the KMU Forschung Austria from Vienna , Austria and IRP-Institute for Entrepreneurship Research from Maribor , Slovenia . Therefore the Slovene partners have gained extensive experience through the know how transfer fro Austrian partner. In the project SENIIR the Slovene partner will play a crucial role for the know how transfer to Croatian partners.

The SENIIR network intends to initiate a network for knowledge transfer and exchange between the partners in Austria , Slovenia and Croatia . The SENIIR project aims to develop a framework for the improvement of research, efficiency and usability of research projects in research institutions involved in cross-border cooperative projects. The cooperation model that will be developed will be based on the experiences of the network partners, findings of previous research studies and surveys.

The project goals can be outlined as follows:

• Creation of a joint network and improved cooperation between scientific and research institutions in three countries ( Austria , Slovenia , Croatia )

• To simplify and unify the joint research standards, and enabling comparability of research results, with integrating the research results into joint comparative studies

• The partner institutions will improve, exploit and disseminate scientific and research methods

• Substantial know-how transfer and research support for developing specialised research in particular industries; the support will be offered in respect of efficiency, usability and quality assurance for conducting the research work and results

• Analyze the specific requirements on industry research according to country-specific environment factors and outline differences in standards in the field of research with a special focus on changes that are expected to happen as a consequence of the integration of new members into the European Union

• Improve the qualification of researchers and experts


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