Global Entrepreneurship Monitor


Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Project, commonly known as GEM, is a result of the desire to find an answer to the question Why some national economies grow faster than others?, and investigate the causes of different degrees of economic development of different countries. The uniqueness of the project is in its international dimension, which ensures the comparability of the level of entrepreneurial activity in different countries, and in the used model and database with which the model is “filled”. GEM is the largest individual study of entrepreneurial activity in the world.

The project was first implemented in 1999 in G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and USA), to which Denmark, Finland and Israel were attached. Since then, project has been implemented in a growing number of countries each year.

In 2005, 35 countries have participated in the GEM project.

International comparison of entrepreneurial activity of a country is made possible through the use of unique indicator, which was developed especially for the GEM project. The Total Entrepreneurial Activity index – TEA combines the number of people who are trying to start their own business and the number of people who are owners/managers in an active company, which is not older than 42 months.

Identification of such people is carried out by examining a random sample of at least 2000 adults in each of the countries participating in the project. TEA index is the number of entrepreneurially active people in the stated two categories according to 100 surveyed residents under the age of 64.

GEM project is headed by the SMEs and Entrepreneurship Policy Centre CEPOR from Zagreb ( ).

GEM team for Croatia is comprised of:

Slavica Singer, team leader
Sanja Pfeifer
Nataša Šarlija
Sunčica Oberman Peterka