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For the 3rd time in Croatia – DREAM Doctoral Retreat/Seminar on Entrepreneurship as Making 2013
Saras Sarasvathy,
Research Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia, through her scientific-research work has introduced a new way of researching entrepreneurship not only as finding but also as “making” new opportunities, firms, markets and institutions. Professor Stuart Read, IMD, Switzerland is joining Saras in running DREAM in Croatia. Read more…

We offer – seminars, executive programs, workshops

In addition to the vertical of formal education (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studiesmski i poslijediplomski studij) ICES organizes various seminars and workshops intended for the owners of small and medium-sized companies, and their employees. Depending on the attendants’ needs, seminars are changed and adapted to each group. Seminars are scheduled depending on the needs and capabilities of attendants.
We are aware of the fact that companies today, more than ever, are under enormous pressure of the struggle for competitiveness and survival in the market. In that situation it is difficult to find time for education, which we all need, and the key is in creating competitive advantage and finding answers to numerous questions, which appear in business operations every day. We are here to design programs in cooperation with you, that will help you overcome difficulties and ensure your success in the market race. In designing our programs we use the best international experiences, as well as research and experience of the needs and specificities of entrepreneurs in Croatia. We strive to provide concrete tools, which entrepreneurs can apply in their companies, immediatelly upon returning from our seminars.

Some of our seminars/workshops:

  • Grow your business – This is program designed for growing businesses, consisting of some ten different workshops related to fundamental areas of business activity (strategy, teamwork, hiring and motivating employees, quality management, financial management, etc.)
  • Authentic leadership – The complexity of the environment, increased uncertainty and the intensity of changes demand a different capacity of leadership than the one offered by traditional management models. A new type of leader is needed, one that can react creatively and effectively during the change, using methods of empowerment, delegation and teamwork.
  • Competitive intelligence – The aim of the workshop is to improve the decision-making process in the company, by increasing the quality of information on which decisions are based, thanking to efficient internal communication of information about the environment (buyers, competitors, suppliers, trends in the industry).
  • Franchising from A to Z – The aim of the seminar is to introduce the concept of franchising to entrepreneurs and those who want to become entrepreneurs, as one of the ways to increase entrepreneurial activity in the region and in the Republic of Croatia. It is also intended for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business through creation of a franchising system, as well as people who want to enter the world of entrepreneurship through the purchase of a franchise.
  • Finances for non-financiers – Monitoring of financial indicators and their understanding in detail is one of the essential prerequisites for early detection of problems, as well as for taking timely action in order to resolve them.
  • Guerilla marketing – The aim of the workshop is to present an alternatve approach to marketing, which is characteristic for small companies whose marketing budgets are limited.
  • Presentation skills – Every entrepreneur should know how to successfully communicate in business, how to be persuasive and how to establish a good rapport with audiences and actively listen to others. For success in business, it is extremely important to know how to sucessfully present yourself, your product, service or idea.
  • Negotiation skills – Negotiation is communication which aims to reach agreement in a situation where two parties have some common and some conflicting interests. As an alternative to hard bargaining in which tricks, deception, threats, force and pressure are often used, this workshop offers a new way of preparing for and conducting negotiations, which is based on detection of interests behind hard positions.
  • Family entrepreneurship – This workshop is intended for owners of family businesses. The workshop covers the basic problems of these businesses, such as: conflict of generations, conflict of interest between the company owner and the manager, transfer of ownership, the valuation of work of members and non-members of the family.

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