­čÄë Celebrating 25 Years of GEM: Insights from Casablanca ­čÄë

February 15, 2024

This year Professor Slavica Singer, GEM Croatia team leader and Nata┼ía ┼áarlija, GEM Croatia team member attended the GEM 2023/2024 annual conference in Casablanca, Morocco, marking a significant milestone: the 25th anniversary of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s journey. The “25 Years and Growing” report is a testament to GEM’s dedication to enhancing entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide.

Reflecting on insights from over 136,000 individuals and 2,000 experts across 49 economies, the report shines a light on the vital need for advancements in entrepreneurial education globally. It underscores the role of nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit from an early age as a cornerstone for innovation and economic growth.

As we celebrate this landmark anniversary, it’s a moment to acknowledge the strides made and the journey ahead in empowering entrepreneurs in Croatia and around the world.