New Ventures

This course “covers” starting of a business venture from idea conceptualization, through identification of the business opportunity, team, required resources, organizational-legal form and the type of management. Additionally, the reasons and strategies for purchase of an existing company as opposed to starting a new company, as well as franchise strategies will be also analyzed. The key topics are: entrepreneurship and start-up strategies; application and use of a business plan; business idea vs. business opportunity; entrepreneur and team; human and other resources; business plan as a technique for evaluation of new business ventures; tools and strategies for securing financial funds for starting a business venture; business venture management.

Course execution relies heavily on exercises and the case analysis method through which the strategic and operational problems connected to starting of a business venture will be presented to students. Beside the lectures and entrepreneurs – guest lecturers, student teams will work on a business plan, with which they will participate in a competition for the best business plan.