Defended Doctoral Dissertations

1. Marina Jeger, ”Effectuation and development of entrepreneurial intentions”, July 132013 (pdf)

2. Dalibor Pudić, ”Establishment of an effective model of district heating in the Republic of Croatia and energy poverty”, July 16, 2015 (pdf)

3. Katarina Štavlić, “Factors of success of micro companies in the Republic of Croatia”, December 14, 2016 (pdf)

4. Vladimir Grebenar, “Holistic approach to calculation of business efficiency by segments for the purposes of short-term reporting”, December 15, 2016 (pdf)

5. Tihana Kraljić, “Horizontal and vertical consistency of strategic planning – responsibility of Quadruple Helix stakeholders in effective management of development in the Republic of Croatia”, December 19, 2016 (pdf)

6. Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec, “Visualizing Social Entrepreneurship in Croatia: Macro-Meso-Micro Level Interactions”, April 06, 2017 (pdf)

7. Ljiljana Kukec, “Franchise Potential of Small Enterprises”, January 17, 2020 (pdf)

8. Tihana Koprivnjak, “Internationalization of small and medium enterprises in Croatia: challenges, prerequisites and patterns”, March 27, 2020 (pdf)

9. Petra Mezulić Juric, “Acquisitve Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises”, March 27, 2020 (pdf)