Student testimonials

  1. Sanja-Anđelković

    Sanja Anđelković, Šild d.o.o.

    14. generation

    This study has inspired my creativity, taught me teamwork and enabled me to absorp a lot of new knowledge, which I will apply in business life. The level of confidence that I have developed at this study is immeasureable.

  2. Marko-Šarić

    Marko Šarić, JGL Rijeka

    14. generation

    Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship is a passport for the adventure of starting a new way of thinking about work, as well as about everyday activities. In addition to creating one’s capacity for enterprising activity, this study is fun and lets you interact with people from varous academic and experiental backgrounds.

  3. Blanka-Firanj

    Blanka Firanj, Belje d.d.

    14. generation

    Investment in further education, learning in a different and more interesting way, a better knowledge of oneself and one’s environment, are invaluable for future development and advancement of each individual. Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship brings togeher all of this and truly gives a lot!

  4. darko.zovko

    Darko Zovko, Oluk d.o.o.

    13. generation

    In order to be able to follow everything that is happening in the extremely dynamic business world around us, we are forced to constantly educate ourselves and adopt the lifelong learning philosophy.

  5. hrvoje.marinovic

    Hrvoje Marinović, Presoflex gradnja d.o.o.

    13. generation

    My main reasons for enrolling were: increasing my competitiveness in the labor market, self-actualization, inner feeling of satisfaction of overcoming challenges, and increasing personal value in my work environment.

  6. darian.husko

    Darian Husko, Entrepreneurial Center Pakrac

    13. generation

    Why GPE? I realized that despite formal education and the diploma, I still have a lot to learn.

  7. martina.hatlak

    Martina Hatlak, British Embassy Zagreb

    13. generation

    My main reason for joining the Graduate program in Entrepreneurship was that I want to acquire theoretical knowledge and skills, which are an integral part of a unique set of courses presented in an innovative way.

  8. ivana.franjic

    Ivana Franjić, Werkos d.o.o.

    13. generation

    I’m glad that there is a program of this type in Osijek, and that I will be a part of this successful organization, which provides some new possibilities for further personal and career development.

  9. mirna-balkic

    Mirna Balkić, Hrvatska pošta d.d.

    4. generation

    This Program encourages creativity, teamwork and discussion. Elective courses enable students to create their own frameworks for personal and business development.

    Program contributes to building confidence and empowerment in the way that students or student groups are given challenges which help them realize they are much more capable then they know.

  10. ivan.matejasic

    Ivan Matejašić, Spin Informatica

    3. generation

    I have enrolled at Graduate program in Entrepreneurship with the goal to supplement my map of knowledge on entrepreneurship, widen my experience through experiences of…

    …American professors and meet new people, course attendants and future entrepreneurs.
    The program has fulfilled my expectations entirely in those areas. Conceptually, the program is devised excellently, and organizationally well adjusted to our current capabilities and needs – from program’s price, to the schedule of lectures. All in all, everyone who attended the program has gained value that will help them in many ways with further modeling of their entrepreneurial spirit and undertakings. With the aim of successful development of this idea, it would also be good to point out some weaknesses, which, with some good will, can be overcome in future generations. This chiefly relates to knowledge, experience and style of lecturers. With exception of American colleagues, some of lecturers from the local circle haven’t truly accepted the idea of necessity of change of contents and style, and some also lack (entrepreneurial) practice, so the lectures lack persuasiveness and credibility.

  11. robert.vuckovic

    Robert Vučković, Allianz d.d.

    4. generation

    I have waited for a long time for a graduate program of this kind to appear.

    As the main characteristics of this graduate program I can state: numerous examples from practice, lots of foreign professors and experts, and the manner of operation which makes you work and prepare for courses systematically – there is no off-and-on-work. It is precisely this systematic approach that allows people who are employed to prepare for exams more easily, which most often are not the same as those in undergraduate programs (questions – answers). Now when I am attending the 4th semester, I can say that I have truly learned a lot in the previous three. The main area of my interest and choice of courses was mostly connected to the field of finance. Regardless of program’s title “Entrepreneurship”, and with other courses excluded, the program’s financial courses allow learning of everything needed to give us the possibility to be at least “controllers” of our own destinies, whether in our own company or as someone’s employees. In the end, the most important thing of all is that efforts are made to create a team of people from all the generations who will continue to fraternize and achieve business cooperation after graduating from the program.

  12. domagoj.soukup

    Domagoj Soukup, VELUX d.o.o.

    2. generation

    The underlying thought that has lead me when I enrolled at this program was foremostly related to perfecting and developing of business skills which are indispensable in my everyday work…

    But at the same time generating and developing of business ideas, with the wish to start my own business in near future. I see the difference of this program principally in comprehensiveness and diversity of courses that are offered, which allows great flexibility and individuality of attendants, depending on their personal wishes and preferences. In this way students can get a wide gamut of knowledge from almost all the areas of economic science, which is very important for starting one’s own business enterprise. Modern methods of teaching, like for instance case studies or Distance Learning are extremely well accepted by students, which gives the program a new dimension and role. Instead of juxtaposing of facts and theories, students are given the chance to critically review and analyze real business situations, which was especially manifested in group work and discussion. I would especially like to salute methods of work of foreign lecturers, whose presence has enabled some new views and deliberations. Appearances of private entrepreneurs or successful domestic managers have introduced students to real business problems which they solve in more or less successful ways. Each business problem was preceded by theoretical foundation and followed by the solution as seen by our guest-lecturers.

  13. sandra.sencar

    Sandra Senčar, Senko d.o.o.

    6. generation

    It is well known that the level of entrepreneurial knowledge in Croatia today is not developed enough and that there is still room for improvement in that field.

    I come from an entrepreneurial family and I am co-owner of a manufacturing company in Međiumurje, a traditionally entrepreneurial region which is faced with lack of higher education for entrepreneurship. We have recognized in our company that investing in education is the best investment and that only knowledge-based economy has a future. I am exceptionally satisfied with this graduate program, which in small teams combines theory and practice, encourages creativity, criticality and responsibility. The thing that I consider very important at this program is the development of skills for team work, which we ourselves must start applying in our companies if we want to achieve better results. Great number of elective courses has allowed me to choose a program that suits my wishes and needs the most.

  14. biserka.oreskovic

    Biserka Orešković, Saponia d.d.

    3. generation

    The fact that the learning process never ends is something that I have been aware for a long time, since the first moment after the promotion.

    The fact that the learning process never ends is something that I have been aware for a long time, since the first moment after the Keeping up with the times and permanent education are imperatives of the moment in which we live and work. Exactly that is the reason because of which I have decided to enroll at Graduate program “Entrepreneurship”. The program itself is different than the classic ex cathedra approach. The program encourages creativity and innovation of participants and promotes the way of thinking that nothing is impossible. Already after the first few lectures I had changed the way of presenting Saponia (translator’s note: local detergent manufacturer) in business talks, became aware what else needs to be changed in order to achieve even better results, and in any case, received useful knowledge.

  15. damir.kolaric

    Damir Kolarić, Ortostep d.o.o.

    6. generation

    My opinion is that a modern entrepreneur of 21 century must know how to communicate successfully, plan strategically, think globally and above all – run his company efficiently.

    This program has helped me raise the level of self-awareness and self-confidence, both as an entrepreneur and as a person. I have attained a great deal of new knowledge, met new friends, learned that it is crucial to set concrete business goal and that achievement of those goals is measurable. I am very satisfied with the abundance of eminent local and foreign experts who teach at the program and the ability of professor Singer and her team to translate recent happenings and knowledge into lectures. Courses at this program are quite demanding, the emphasis is on team work and appreciation of opinion of other people. This program teaches us to think in a completely different way. To be honest, I have had my doubts in the beginning on how could the knowledge from this program be used in everyday business of a small family company like mine, but I must admit that I have changed my approach to business thanking to this program. I have chosen this program because it is somewhat “rebellious” and it doesn’t pursue conventional educational approaches. Here the professors are not kept on a high pedestal; the students are in the first place.

  16. igor.matek

    Igor Matek, Siemens d.d.

    3. generation

    I have decided to attend this graduate program because I wanted to enrich my basic, technical education acquired at Faculty of Electrical Engineering with additional knowledge from the field of economics.

    Entrepreneurship seemed as an especially interesting area, because it supports and increased the possibility that one day I will start my own entrepreneurial undertaking. This graduate program was not tailored having in mind only the needs of people who graduated from economic, but also people from other faculties, which confirms its wide practical orientation to education of people who work in various industries. Despite the fact that attendants receive excellent theoretical basis and scientific title of M.S. in economics, the program is not reduced to monotonous learning of theory, but is instead enriched with lot of practical work and exercises. As a special value I would like to point out that we have the chance to improve communication, presentation, negotiation, conflict resolution and other skills, which is neglected by the majority of both undergraduate and graduate programs. It is impossible to be a successful human being without knowing how to communicate with people.

  17. sinisa.zupanic

    Siniša Županić, Croatia Cement

    6. generation

    To study! Yes or no? Years have caught up with me; I am not that young anymore. But the wish for acquiring knowledge has prevailed, so I enrolled at Graduate Program at Faculty of Economics.

    Why economics? I have graduated from Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb, and the International Business School at Bled – marketing course. At this program I have recognized new possibilities for attaining knowledge or confirming of already acquired and accumulated knowledge during work and business career. My impressions after conclusion of the first semester are more than positive, in other words, all my expectations have been fulfilled. I have been provided with acquiring of new knowledge and confirmation of my former work and cognition that it is exactly “it”, which is very important for strengthening and lifting of one’s self confidence. I am certain that all of this will help me in further development and planning of my business career.

  18. josipa.dujmovic

    Josipa Dujmović, Orvas plus d.o.o.

    13. generation

    It is my opinion that this program provides a wide spectrum of knowledge, opens new opportunities, and encourages creativity and teamwork. I’ve decided to enroll in GPE because I am committed to excellence in every aspect.

  19. marija.dukovska

    Marija Dukovska, PROWA Ing

    6. generation

    I think that the best investment is to enroll at this graduate program. And why do I think so?

    There are two reasons: first, what we learn is connected to real business situations, and second is that I can apply the new knowledge in my consultancy business. I believe that practical application of the acquired skills and knowledge can be found not only in my line of work, but also in any other, as well as in everyday life situations. I recommend the program to all who want to attain a true upgrade of knowledge and experience, and not only a title.

  20. dario.vukovic

    Dario Vuković, Metronet d.d.

    10. generation

    I was attracted by the multidisciplinary approach, and upon graduating I see myself as a very desirable employee of any successful company.