Entrepreneurship in Tourism

Course investigates tourism from the entrepreneurial perspective. The key topics are: tourism as the aggregation of economic and non-economic activities; tourism and globalization; hospitality as the infrastructural base for tourism development; tourism market and its peculiarities; behavior of tourism consumers (definition of tourism consumers; needs for tourism – hospitality products; motives and attitudes of tourism consumers; making of the decision on purchase of tourism products); planning entrepreneurial activities in tourism and hospitality industry; marketing strategies in tourism and hospitality (segmentation of tourism and hospitality market; choice of target market; positioning of tourism – hospitality product; classification and description of individual marketing strategies; strategic marketing- plan in tourism); elements of marketing-mix in tourism and hospitality (tourism product; definition of tourism product; integration of tourism product; space (destination) as a component of the integral tourism product; e-marketing tourism and hospitality; examples of entrepreneurial ventures in tourism and hospitality.